One on One Personal Training:


Work directly with a GetF.I.T. Personal Trainer to achieve all of your fitness, sport specific, weight loss or recovery goals.  Our trainers are movement and corrective exercise specialist, meaning they are highly trained to address a range of motion dysfunction, pre or post injury limitations, maximize performance and results to help you to move and feel your very best.

Semi- Private Personal Training 


Get the best of both worlds!

GetF.I.T.s unique Semi- Private PT Class maintains an individualized approach and customized workout platforms while providing the cost and time efficiency of a group training atmosphere. Classes are kept small to allow for one on one time with your Certified Instructor. Each client has their own personalized workout station. Workouts are modified to suit your goals and needs. Classes are offered 5 days a week at various times. Check out the full Schedule to see more.


Yoga & Aerial Yoga 


Yoga: Learn the ancient art of meditation, breath work, balance and achieve greater levels of flexibility through Yoga. Yin, Hatha and Restorative Yoga are offered privately, by appointment only.

Aerial Yoga:  A unique spin on an age old practice. Liberate yourself from gravity, traction the spine in a healthy and safe way utilizing the aerial swing. Offered privately, by appointment only.

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TRX & Tabata (HIIT) Conditioning:  



Developed by a former Navy Seals, TRX or Total Resistance Exercise, integrates suspension training, bodyweight workouts that will challenge you, help you sculpt and define muscle and build core strength.


Also known as HIIT or high-intensity interval training. Tabata is a form of interval training that primarily focuses on cardiovascular exercises, short bursts of intense anaerobic activity followed with less intense recovery or rest periods. Workouts typically last 30 minutes.


Golf Fitness:


Work directly with Get F.I.T. owner & Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Paul Sestilio, to customize a program tailored to take your golf game to the next level. Achieve greater distance and lower scores.