GetF.I.T. is not your average Personal Training studio, nor was it ever intended to be. 
GetF.I.T. owner Paul Sestilio made the decision to leave traditional PT studios and traditional training philosophy behind in lieu of creating a studio space that is healing, effective and a refreshing approach to Personal Training. Paul opened his doors in 2011 not realizing how drastically his small business would change the lives of his members through innovative and therapeutic methods. Utilizing out of the box and highly specialized training methods, GetF.I.T. puts a creative spin on traditional exercises. GetF.I.T. is nowhere near your normal studio space, upon coming in you can expect to see clients in a variety of interesting positions, balancing on peculiar looking objects, rolling out muscles that you didn’t even know existed! Combining the science and breakthrough methodology of the Functional Movement System Screening process that is typically reserved as a tool for Physical Therapists, athletic trainers and other sports medicine specialists. GetF.I.T. is able to offer this screening to all of our clients and systematically assess how your body is moving and performing. From which we can then skilfully tailor a comprehensive exercise program. Our functional & corrective training styles allow our clients to safely and effectively reach their goals while operating at their absolute peak performance. GetF.I.T. now serves as a home gym to several professional, amateur and junior athletes who seek the knowledge and expertise of Paul and his highly qualified GetF.I.T. training team to enhance their performance and skill set.