Joe L. Video Testimonial

” Ive been working at GetF.I.T. since April 25th 2017 and lost 101 POUNDS! GetF.I.T is hands down the best personal training studio in Tampa, Hell. In the whole country.

As of April 5th, I weighed 318 pounds,  Today is December 26th, and I am down to 217 pounds. I feel like a whole new man.

GetF.I.T. taught me how to eat right, prioritize my goals and live a active lifestyle and make good choices and just do something that really anybody can do.”


Joe L.

“I started training at GetF.I.T. in July after undergoing ACL surgery in 2017. I wasn’t able to run, which was my favorite thing to do for myself or workout. I was gaining weight very quickly and wanted to feel better about my appearance. Now its October and im down 10 pounds, back to running an 11 minute mile and planing on competing in a 5k sometime in the New Year.”

Morgan D.